Things To Do When In Need of a Mental Health Break


Emely Olmedo, Staff Writer

After an exhausting day at school or work, or when you need to be productive and just can’t find the motivation, you may feel like your mental health isn’t in the right place. Giving yourself a mental health break from your day is important. Here are a few tips to better your mental health and get a break from reality–to step back, relax, and recharge your mind.  


Complete Your Skincare Routine

Doing your skincare routine will give you a feeling of freshness. It’s a great way to start and end your day. This is one way to easily refresh and continue your day with refreshed and clean skin and to have the comfort of a routine.  


Clean out Your Closet

Most of the time when you have a large amount of clothes, you don’t even know what fits anymore or what is still in your outfit rotation. Get rid of or donate any old clothes that no longer fit and give your closet a cleanout. With temperatures changing, you most likely have big hoodies and jackets in your closet that you most definitely won’t need for summer that can be packed away for the season. While you’re doing this task, listen to a podcast or play your favorite jams, and I guarantee you this will make you feel a sense of productivity and accomplishment. 


Go for a Walk

A walk out in fresh air is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health: great for the body and mind. This little activity has great effects, such as reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue; you can even get some of that coveted Vitamin D from getting outside in the sun.


Read a Book

Reading allows you to relax and escape. It’s good for the brain and will give you the break you need. Grab a drink and a blanket, and go sit in your favorite place of comfort to enjoy the story. 



Perhaps journaling isn’t for everyone, but you will never know unless you give it a try. Journaling is a form of free therapy: you let out any thoughts or feelings that can be for your eyes only. Journaling will get your moods on the right path and allow you to feel stress-free. If journaling isn’t necessarily your thing, try scrapbooking. Just writing your plans for the day for five minutes in the mornings can set you on the right track. You’ll never know what you do or don’t like unless you give it a try. 


Call a Friend

Sometimes life seems to “get in the way” and keep you from checking up on friends. Not only is your mental health important, but so is the mental health of the people around you. When receiving a phone call, it’s a nice feeling to know your friends have you in mind. Catch up with a friend, and just enjoy the call. The phone call could lead to hanging out sometime soon, and that social interaction is good for your mental health. 

With exams starting, give your mind the relaxation it needs by following the suggestions above or finding your own way to get in the right frame of mind.