5 Reasons to Support Local Coffee Shops

Since the arrival of Starbucks in Shallotte, it has become more and more tempting to get your morning fix from this coffeehouse chain. For the sake of our local businesses, it is beneficial to shop small, and here are five reasons why.


Photo by @surfandjava on instagram

Cup of hot coffee and a freshly baked muffin from OIB Surf & Java.

Lauren Nelson, Staff Writer

1. Individually 

When visiting a local coffee shop, not only are you going there for the delicious food and beverages, but you are getting a unique experience you will not find anywhere else. Upon entering any Starbucks establishment across the world, you can expect what you are going to see when you walk in. Each local business provides a different experience, which some would argue, makes it more enjoyable to go. Instead of having a cookie-cutter approach, like the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, you find something unique and special inside.  


2. Supports other local entities

Most local businesses in the area support other local businesses. From sponsoring a school team or rec team, most coffee shops give back to their community in some way. When in a local coffee shop, you will often find ways to support other small businesses as well. Many locally-owned coffee houses will help other small businesses by letting them promote and sell their products within the coffee shop’s walls. Having these agreements, not only benefits the small business by getting exposure and sales but brings in more income for the coffee shop.


3. Boosts the local economy

This is one of the more obvious reasons, but purchasing from a small business as opposed to a large corporation, tremendously helps the economy. Instead of giving money to big businesses, you are helping secure someone’s income in your community. Whenever a small business is established, growth and innovation to the area typically follow if the business does well. Small businesses also help boost the economy by creating more job opportunities, especially for people who may not be employable by larger corporations.


4. Better customer experiences

Although large corporations, like Starbucks, don’t necessarily have bad customer service, the employees at smaller coffee shops are generally more patient and caring towards customers. Employees of large businesses are focused on getting as many people in and out the door as possible because corporate puts pressure on them to hit a daily target. When visiting a small business, you tend to get a more personalized experience, and if you become a regular customer, you can build lasting relationships.


5. More than just coffee

When visiting our new local Starbucks, upon entering, you will find your typical beverages, pre-made food items, and Starbucks merchandise. Nothing too special, right? When walking into the local coffee shops in the area, you will find unique drinks, food made in-house, and sometimes other merchandise. Not only do these businesses sell food, but they sell items you can keep forever. For example, OIB Surf & Java sells not only food, but clothes, cups, hats, surfboards, sunscreen, ukuleles, jewelry, and much more. Why visit multiple locations, when you can find everything you need in one place?


A few local shops in the area:

  • Jumpin’ Java (Shallotte)
  • Drift Coffee and Kitchen (Ocean Isle Beach)
  • OIB Surf & Java (Ocean Isle Beach)
  • Delilah’s Brew and Chew (Ocean Isle Beach)
  • Ocean Boulevard Coffee (Holden Beach)
  • Cafe Ahora (Holden Beach)
  • Coffee Cottage (Calabash)
  • Maverick’s Java (Sunset Beach)