West Brunswick Librarian’s Upcoming Retirement

Mrs.Desmond’s farewell to West Brunswick


Angelica Giaquinto, Staff Writer

Out of shock Mrs. Desmond, the school librarian, is retiring in a couple months. She has been working at West for 26 years and has been a librarian for 36 years. For 10 of those years, she was a librarian in New York. Mrs. Desmond has known that she wanted to be a librarian ever since the fourth grade. 

“The thing that inspired me to become a librarian was my teacher,” said Mrs. Desmond. “I like to organize things and help kids find a passion for reading.” 

Ever since Mrs. Desmond has become the school librarian, she has improved the library by doubling the size and space. As she was working with the architects, Mrs. Desmond gave them her input, and told them how she wanted the layout. She also helped choose the carpet in the library that is still here to this day. 

“I feel the carpet makes the room brighter and more welcoming,” said Mrs. Desmond. “I feel the color of the carpet matches the library.”

Once Mrs. Desmond retires, she plans to  travel the world with her husband and two dogs. She plans to travel to Pennsylvania since she has a great grand baby on the way. Mrs. Desmond wants to travel all around the United States to sight-see. For her retirement, she wants to go to Disney and then continue traveling from there.  

“In my opinion, Disney is America’s playground. It’s not just for kids but adults too,” said Mrs. Desmond. “Ever since I was a young age, I have loved all things Disney!”

On behalf of all the students at West, we want to give Mrs. Desmond a huge thank you for everything she has done for us. We want Mrs. Desmond to know that she will be missed. Know she will always be a Trojan!