Are Tiktok Dances Real Dances?


Bella Thomas, Staff Writer

As Tiktok dances such as “Beggin” and “Cannibal” rack up millions of views, many people, including dancers, have wondered if these famous works are considered to be actual dances. While many people say they are not, as a dancer myself, I would have to disagree. 

Though Tiktok dances are simple, they are dances. There are more complicated ones than others, though, ones with more complex movements. Some dances that are on the easier side (great for beginners) are:

  1. Blinding Lights
  2. Say So
  3. Toosie Slide
  4. Something New 
  5. Laxed (siren beat)

These dances feature simple but interesting movements. My personal favorite on this list is Say So. Getting into the more complex dances, there are a few that come to mind. These dances are for more experienced Tiktok dancers, and might take a little while longer to learn. These harder dances are:

  1. Cannibal
  2. Supalonley 
  3. Savage
  4. Lottery (renegade)
  5. Out West

These dances are a bit more complicated. My personal favorite from these is Cannibal. Dance requires memorization, movement, expression and creativity. Tiktok dances have all of these qualities. You have to memorize the steps in the Tiktoks to do them, and there is movement (even a little movement counts). Plus, there is creativity and expression shown in all these dances. Anyone who makes up one of these dances is creative, because they are thinking about what movements would go best with each song, even if it’s just simple arm and leg motions, it is still something, and it is still dance. 

Dance also is an exercise, and so are Tiktok dances. In quarantine during 2020, many people got fit and found a cool way to exercise by learning these dances at home when gyms were closed. Learning and creating these Tiktok dances are similar to learning or creating another style of dance. Tiktok dances are a cultural movement, one that changed the way many of us have seen dancing, and made people want to create and move around. That creativity and desire to move around, is what dance is all about.