Show Your Style Through These Creative Masks


Tired of generic masks?

Aiden McKinney

Graffiti-Style Mask

Do you ever wish that you could make a statement, but feel too dragged down by the endless clones of masks? Then how about make your own, one-of-a-kind graffiti mask! Take a small paintbrush and dip it into small bowls of paint. Then gently flick the paint onto the mask, which would be preferably white. Other colors can work, but it will pop the most if it’s white!


Make Your Mask…Your Face!

With a unique website called Maskalike, you can do something only you can do…make the mask part of your face, your face! By using a photograph you can have a personalized mask that looks like your face. It’s useful, funny, and original!


Your Own Custom Mask That Other People Make For You 

Using the website Vistaprint, you can send in a logo and color, only to receive your one-in-the world face mask! It can be any color or logo, in any size! This is a great way to show people the real you, without saying a word!


Want To Create And Sell Your OWN Masks? 

Someone has to make these masks! By using a website such as Etsy and Redbubble, you can create and sell any mask you can create-the skies the limit!

I hope this article was helpful and informative! Remember, wearing masks to show your style can be a lot of fun!