Trojans Back to School

Courtney Weston, Staff Writer

For the first time in over a year, everyone is back in school. Last year was rough with zoom for classes and trying to adapt for teachers and students. However, most struggled with online courses because of distractions at home, so most are happy to be back at school to focus more. At home, it is also easier to not do your work and still pass.

“I think that it has given me a good opportunity to strive in life,” said junior, TT Hussain. “With being back in school, I am focusing more and being more productive on my school work because with covid and doing zoom, it was making my grades drop.” 

With school back in session, that also means new students. Whether that be a freshman or a new kid, new school is scary. But, the freshmen say that it has been an easier transition from middle school to high school than they thought. Many have said that their past teachers made high school seem so hard, and you have no freedom. 

“I didn’t expect it to be this lenient. In middle school, they say that high school is like a prison.” said freshman Harrison Doherty. “I have been enjoying it so far, I feel like I have really good classes this year.”

When approached with how they feel on back to school, many students said that they were excited to be back and interact with people again. However, others had concerns about the Covid-19 virus and how the school would handle the outbreaks we are having. 

“I don’t think that it’s gonna last that long,” said sophomore Rose Moore. “I think that there is gonna be a big outbreak of corona, and then everybody is going to start catching it, and then we’re gonna be back on all virtual.” 

Back to school is definitely different this year with trying to adjust to school in person again. Hopefully, for everyone, it will be a great year.