Tremendously Trendy TikToks

TikTok is a viral app used mainly by teens to promote funny and entertaining ideas.


Man attempting the “#CrateChallenege”

Kody Bland, Sports Editor

Multiple trends have been inspired through TikTok and have driven trends in our modern culture; typically, nefarious trends like Devious Licks get most of the attention, but the most popular trends are fairly harmless and get a few good laughs.


This challenge originated on Facebook and has since carried over to TikTok, with multiple reiterations of the act garnering millions of views. The trend consists of many plastic milk cartons stacked in a pyramid, with the individual attempting to advance their way up and over the structure without the crates tipping over, along with the person falling simultaneously. The craze began due to the overall silly idea and the humorous failures that occur.  

Passing the Phone

This trend will show who exactly your true and trusted friends are. The idea of the trend is to say you’re passing the phone to a certain person, using a specific phrase that only applies to that one person. The person then reciprocates the action to another person and the chain goes on until the last person gets the phone. This trend really took off because of it’s funny and exposing nature, entertaining users across the world.

The final trend is the “Adult Swim” commercial trend. This trend consisted of random videos that would incorporate the “Adult Swim” logo into the scene, resembling that of the real “Adult Swim” commercials. This took off for the reason of mirroring the unique and creative commercials and carrying an overall humorous effect to charm the audience.

These are just a few examples of the numerous and never ending line of trendy TikToks that are influencing our lives and culture today.