The Soccer Team’s New Chapter

Riley Grissett, staff writer


Emmanuel Sarkorh, the former president and head coach of Levi United Football Club Men’s Professional Development team is now the head coach of our men’s varsity soccer team. Sarkorh is originally from Liberia (a country located in West Africa), then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he spent most of his life. As the new coach, Sarkorh has constructed a “5-year plan” to apply to the boys team.

“Build a culture and identity for soccer at West for the first year,” said Sakorh. “The second year, create a winning formula and win half of the scheduled games in a regular season. The third year, establish a strong team to make a run in the 3A state finals. The fourth year, establish a powerhouse soccer program and make a run at the championship. The fifth year, win a championship.”

Garrett Grande, a freshman on the varsity team, expressed how Sarkoh showed nothing but respect. 

“He is respectful, and he would bring our spirits up after losing a game,” said Grande. 

Instead of punishing and giving his players a lecture as one would think, he is instead giving them courage. 

“I like to communicate,” said Sarkorh. “Yelling isn’t my thing,”

Sarkorh is not only a talented soccer player himself, but he also a mentor and role model to his players, inspiring and motivating the team with great communication and criticism. He hopes to be the coach that makes West’s soccer team the team to beat in all of Brunswick County.

“It took some getting used to having a new coach, but he is one of my favorite soccer coaches I’ve had,” said Allen Olmedo, a sophomore on the varsity team.  

Even with the challenges of Covid and the 15 freshmen on the team, he and his team did it. The players created good friendships not only amongst each other but with their new coach, Emmanuel Sarkorh.

“Even though we were not the best team this season, I had a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t trade this season for anything,” said Olmedo.