Pop It or Drop It

Are soft drinks apart of your daily diet?


Campbell Cheers, Online News Director

A lot of people chase caffeine highs, but more and more folks are trying to cut soft drinks out of their daily routine.

Breaking that habit of consuming a sugary drink can be difficult but not impossible. Knowing that you are putting unnecessary things in your body could be a good enough reason to quit.

“I don’t drink soda because I personally feel like there is no good in soda,” said sophomore Camdyn Beck. “I feel better when I choose to drink another drink because I feel like there is less sugar in me.”

Some people just don’t break the habit or try to; others may believe that there is nothing wrong with consuming soda or it is fine to drink soda when limiting yourself. The sugar and caffeine cravings from soda keep people drinking it.

“I drink soda because it tastes good,” said sophomore Abram Norton. “It has a variety of flavors, and because of the sugar, it gives me a lot of energy to go throughout my day. I wouldn’t give up soda even though I know there are negative effects to drinking it, like my teeth rotting.”

Drinking a can or two a few times a week isn’t ideal, but it won’t be as harmful to the body as you might think. Thinking of soft drinks as a special treat, not an everyday necessity, is the first step to decreasing your soda intake.

“Unfortunately, I do drink soda,” said teacher Lisa Chinn. “I only drink exclusively Dr.Pepper. The reason why I drink it is because it tastes good even though I fully know it is bad for me. I wish we lived in a world where soda made you thinner, better looking, and lowers your blood pressure.”