Thanks to You!


Photo by Courtney Weston

Weston Sharpe and Mr. James Sullivan posing on game day.

Courtney Weston, Communications Director

The new school year means the beginning of football season. While football itself has many traditions. Coach Pardue thought we needed to incorporate a tradition to thank the staff for working hard to teach students: thus came the game jersey idea.

Friday nights are made for football, but who are the people that help shape the people that are on the field playing? When you think about teacher impact, everyone has that one teacher that has shaped them into the person they are today. Throughout the years, there have been various ways to acknowledge teachers, but nothing that personal.

This year Head Coach Caleb Pardue wanted to find something personal to show the teachers that students see what they’re doing. When speaking with Pardue, he talked about how he wanted the teachers to feel appreciated and seen by the players.

“It would make the teachers feel good to know because sometimes you think you have an impact on a kid, but you’re not sure,” said Pardue. “It’s just a simple form of affection for other kids to show kids appreciation, and we will continue to do this as long as I am here.”

When talking to the different players, everyone had various reasons for choosing who they chose, mainly because the teacher was “chill.” But for some, it goes deeper. For example, junior Isaiah Fullwood opened up about how English teacher Amanda Crouch believed in him and wanted him to succeed.

“I chose Mrs. Crouch because she believed in me,” said Fullwood. “Normally, the teachers gave up on me, but Mrs. Crouch kept telling me she believed in me.”

It’s not always just a teacher who impacts you. Junior Linden Clemmons chose Mr. Keith, a new teacher to West. Clemmons talked about how he is a newer teacher and wanted Keith to fit in and feel welcomed to the school.

“He’s a new teacher here, and I wanted him to feel welcomed,” said Clemmons, “He’s been a very nice guy and enjoys the kids.”