SGA Annual Senior Parking Spot and Rock Painting

Students gathered on September 21st for the annual Senior Parking Spot and Rock Painting hosted by SGA


Photo by Courtney Weston

Senior Christian Hardy hard at work painting his parking spot.

Courtney Weston , Communications Manager

The student government hosts the annual senior parking spot and rock painting every year. This is a way to get students involved and showcase their personalities for everyone to see. The student government had success with the event’s outcome; using the profits they made to help buy supplies.

While the senior parking spot event is excellent for seniors, there is also an opportunity for the other classes to get involved. There are four large rocks in front of the school, one for each class. Each year SGA votes on a theme for them. With this year being the 50th year of West Brunswick, they decided to do a decades theme. Each of the class officers had a chance to choose their decade. The seniors chose the 80s, juniors had the 90s, sophomores had the 2000s, and the freshman had the 70s.