Winter Playlist


Sam Anderson, Staff Writer

When The Temp Drops

There’s nothing better than the temperature dropping, leaves falling, and a cup of something to warm you up. Except for all that paired with the perfect music. As a music lover, I try to have the music I listen to complement my current life. Take a listen to the WBHS “When the Temp Drops” Playlist to truly embrace the season.

come out and play- Billie Eilish: This song always makes me miss the snow. The sweet and playful instrumentals mixed with Billie’s soft voice make the perfect melody to curl up in a blanket by the window and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Blood Bank- Bon Iver: The opening of this song is enough to bring me to tears honestly. Its instrumental compliments the lead singer’s voice so wonderfully. When the song intensifies and the beat drops, I always envision a big snowy night alone.

Importance- infinite bisous: Although a bit on the sad side, the guitar in this song is played beautifully and if I had to guess what a cold winter day sounded like, I t would be this song. This song is perfect for background music while you stay warm inside.

Nutshell- Alice in Chains: This is a classic. Every time I hear this song it automatically brings me back to colder times.