The Post: A Review

The 2017 multi-award winning film “The Post” is a story about the American people’s first amendment rights. It tells the story of two major newspaper companies, The New York Times and the Washington Post, being regulated by the government, a violation of the first amendment.

“The Post,” starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, tells of Streep’s character, Kay Graham, struggling with her recent inheritance of her family newspaper company, The Washington Post. Suddenly, their competitor, The New York Times, releases a story about government secrets and lies surrounding the Vietnam war. The federal government gets involved quickly, telling them that they are not allowed to print any more stories of this nature. The Post comes in contact with the resources The Times acquired in order to release the unbelievable story, and faces the decision of whether or not they will print a story on it. inevitably, Kay Graham decides to print the story. The Post and The Times are taken to the Supreme Court and win their trial, because of the first amendment right of freedom of the press.

The film was, at times, long and drawn-out; however, the plot and strong dialogue makes it worthwhile. The strong, female lead is a trend that is being seen more frequently in the movie industry. Kay Graham’s internal conflict extends throughout the movie, finally coming to a conclusion at the end of the movie when she truly takes control of her newspaper company.

“The Post” is an awe-inspiring example of the freedom granted to American citizens. It is a great story about freedom and speech and the press, and the courage it takes to stand up for what you believe in.