One of the 3D printers included with the grant! (Photo by Breanna Trudeau)
One of the 3D printers included with the grant!

Photo by Breanna Trudeau

$20,000 Makerspace Grant

New Technology at WBHS

November 16, 2018

West Brunswick High School received a $20,000 grant along with a great deal of new equipment from the Director of Instructional Technology. The grant went towards making a “Makerspace Program” for the school. This program lets the students learn, invent and experiment with science and engineering.
“It is an area where students can come and tinker,” said Carol Desmond.
A few of the additions are already set up in the Media Center: MakerBot Replicator, FLO Visualization Tunnel, and the Air Tech Scout 2.0. The equipment allows the students to express their creativity.
“We are going to provide the space for students to build and create,” said Crystal Karwacki.
There is an area being made to allow students to use the equipment to construct digital and physical items. Students may also create designs, patterns, and objects with the 3D printer.
Ozobots and LittleBits were also given to help the students gain knowledge about programming and coding. On December 3rd, 4th, and 5th there will be an “Hour of Code” held in the media center, after school. Any student who wants to operate the machines given by the grant can come on these dates!
“The main thing is to let the student come up with an idea and create,” said Karwacki.

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