Black Friday 2018: From Storefront to Online

December 7, 2018

The date September 24, 1869 broke history as the day of the discount, taking the world by storm dropping prices between 25% and 75% in the last 149 years. Now replacing its date with the 23rd of September; Black friday has become the pinnacle of Christmas shopping for thousands of people all over the U.S. People of all ages pile into stores looking for the best deal to spend little to none on what would have been thousands, from clothing to electronics.

Harley Maddy, (a junior) went Black Friday shopping. Maddy went to Walmart and purchased Bioshock, a video game. Usually at a retail price, Maddy got a discount. Plenty of Black Friday merchandise items had unbeatable deals you couldn’t get anytime else out of the year.

This year, Black Friday is no different. People lined up days before the shopping date and waited with baited breath for the doors to open. Maddy said she did too.

For most, Black Friday is where people go out after Thanksgiving– physically. But for a surprising amount of Americans, Black Friday was a night to sit back and look for hot online deals.

6.22 billion was spent online this year. That’s an astounding amount, especially with the Cyber Monday event upcoming.

Americans have found that they can get the same exact deals online as in stores. For some, standing in long lines through the hours of the night is a bit too much. Sites like Amazon hold deals meant for Black Friday but advertise the deals before the date. This leads Americans to stay on their phones and browse the same exact deals without having to deal with hectic Black Friday rush.

Some Americans prefer to do shopping the old-fashioned way. Though many are converting to strict online-shopping, some like Maddy prefer going out.

“I prefer going out for Black Friday,” Maddy said. “I think Cyber Monday is bound to merge with Black Friday.”

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