The Life of a Student-Athlete: Summer Break


Photo by Kristy Gunther

Teagan Coley, Staff Writer

Whether it’s the beach days, hanging out with friends, going on vacation, or even just laying around, summer break gives all students something to look forward to. After final exams are over, everyone is ready to kick back and enjoy the sunshine. Although summer is almost here, student-athletes should have fun, but not get lazy. You should stay active and in good shape over the summer to be ready and back to play for the upcoming fall sports. Many student athletes workout multiple times a week in the summer to keep active and enjoy their time away from athletics.

A number of athletes have chosen to partake in leagues outside of school to continue competing competitively against other teams over the summer, as a way to maintain their fitness goals. This is a technique used by many athletes to better their craft and to achieve personal goals. Outside of playing for other clubs, some student athletes choose to attend other workouts to improve skills and stay fit during the summer in preparation for the season of their sport. As fall sports approach quickly throughout summer, most sports will begin summer workouts to prepare for the upcoming sports. Most student athletes take what they do seriously and enjoy it, this would entail that they would keep in shape while also enjoying their summer.