Class Rocks


Photo by Erika Jimenez

A close up of Kayla Ward pouring a beautiful shade of royal blue paint.

Erika Jimenez, Art Director

Kayla Ward posing for the camera as she is filling cups with paint.

A close up of Ward pouring a beautiful shade of royal blue paint.

Raya Milligan stirring up the paint before it goes on the senior rock.

Sophomores applying red paint over the class of 2021’s old rock.

Juniors Teagan Coley and Cole Hamilton going over the class of 2021 previous rock with yellow paint.

The completed junior class of 2021’s rock.

Completed senior class rock, class of 2020 vision.

The sophomore class of 2022 are the only class that have not completed their class rock. 

Photo by Erika jimenez
Class of 2023’s beautifully painted rock done by Freshman Lonna Ward.

SGA members have the responsibility of painting the class rocks each year. This is the second year we’ve had class rocks and they turned out beautiful as well as last year’s rocks.