The Life Of A Student-Athlete: Leadership

Teagan Coley, Staff Writer

Seniors can play a big role in sports teams throughout their high school career. When they graduate, it can be difficult for the team to recover. On some sports teams once the seniors graduate there are new athletes ready to help step up and take their place. Other teams struggle to rebuild because of the loss of numbers and valuable players. Seniors are likely to hold big positions such as captains and starters. In some cases, these roles can be difficult to replace.

As an underclassmen taking over as a leader once the seniors have graduated, you must learn to balance those positions with your other duties. You can talk to the graduates and request advice to help you with your new requirements. To be beneficial for your team you must know how to be a good role model and represent your team well.


Here are some tips on how to help be a good leader for your team:


  • Find your strength as a leader by bringing in new ideas, there are many different ways you can help benefit your team.
  • Focus on academics as well as athletics. Keep your grades up so that you can be the best possible.
  • Lead by example and hold yourself to a high standard.
  • Help underclassmen, they will be the future leaders of your team.
  • Be sensitive and understanding.
  • Be open to feedback, other people will contribute ideas to help make your team more versatile.