How am I Involved in My Christian Community?

Faith Gunther, Staff Writer

Growing up in church was always something I enjoyed. When Sunday morning rolled around I would be awakened by the smell of bacon followed by picking out what dress I wanted to wear. I also enjoyed youth group on Wednesday nights and even fun activities on the weekends and youth trips to places like the mountains and Washington D.C. However, the older I got, the harder it seemed to stay involved because so many of the youth my age quit going for various reasons. After a while, I was not as engaged as much, and I knew that getting back into a good community of believers would only be beneficial in many ways. 

I grew up in a Baptist church, and my grandparents attend a Methodist church, so ever since I was young, I would go to their church on special occasions such as Christmas Eve service and Easter Sunday. My point being, I have always been involved in two churches for most of my life. Almost three years ago, my grandparent’s church, Camp United Methodist, started a Praise and worship team. It was not long after that they asked me to join the team and without hesitation, I agreed. I am currently still involved, and I love every minute of it. We have practice every Thursday to prepare for Sunday service, where we get to lead worship through song. Being apart of the band has strengthened my relationship with Christ, and with people, I never thought I would get to know. 

My youth group situation is a little different in the sense of going as smoothly as entering into the praise team. Between both of the churches I attend, neither one of the youth groups is a good fit for my personally. With that said, every Tuesday, I drive to Wilmington to participate in a youth group that has well over 300 students involved. Despite the 45 minute drive, it is worth it. Being in fellowship with other believers is something that I thrive in and love a lot. I am very thankful that the Lord has blessed me with both the praise team and a good youth group to be apart of.