The Life of a Student-Athlete: Seniors


Teagan Coley, Staff Writer

When seniors graduate from a sports team, it can be difficult to rebuild after that loss. This, of course, varies by the team and situation. After they leave, you could already have immediate replacements in order, but you don’t always get that lucky. A lot of the time, you are losing many of your captains, starters, and key players. Depending on how many seniors graduate also determines the impact it can have. For a team just losing one senior, it’s not usually as detrimental. But in the situation that you are down 5 or more players, it can be a burden. 

Rebuilding after the loss of seniors can be a difficult task, new players have to step up and become the team’s new leaders. You can prepare for this situation by getting underclassmen more involved earlier. You could give also them some sort of leadership role before they become seniors so the transition is easier when they do become the next captains and role models.