Unpopular Opinions: Living in a Small Town


Photo by Teagan Coley

Teagan Coley, Online Dierctor

A common unpopular opinion is that small towns are not a fun place to live, but in my opinion, that could not be more untrue. I grew up in Brunswick county which has a population of around 130,000, almost half the population of the surrounding counties, and everywhere you go you see someone you know. It is a very neighbourly community and I’m blessed to call it home.


Throughout the years, Brunswick county has grown and become a more popular vacation spot for tourists. Ocean Isle, Sunset, and Holden Beaches have been attracting people more and more in recent years, growing our community. I’ve never experienced life outside of a small town, so some may say I’m biased, but I wouldn’t trade my home town for anything. 


Perks of living in a small town:

  • It’s easier to stay involved with your community and neighbors
  • You stay more informed with recent things going on within the community
  • Values and traditions within the town are unique and important
  • More opportunities
  • Less traffic while trying to get somewhere
  • Lower cost of living
  • More community support
  • Everyone knows everyone (more hospitality)
  • Lower crime levels
  • Smaller and more communal churches