Fashion Essentials You Might Want To Know: TikTok Trends

Unsure of what fashion trends to follow? Here are the most popular ones this year from TikTok.


Photo by Isleigh Sharpe

Air Force 1’s being sported as one of this years trends.

Elizabeth Norfleet, Staff Writer

Since the coronavirus hit the US this past winter/spring, people all across the country have been looking for an outlet to distract themselves from today’s world. That distraction became TikTok, a social media app used to share and post videos no longer than 1 minute.


We have already seen TikTok influence our youth, hence the “VSCO girl” wave from the late summer of 2018. Now there are some new trends that have flooded “For You Pages” everywhere. These new trends are listed below:


  • Tie-Dye Loungewear
  • Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, T-shirts, Tanktops

A fun and colorful way to add some comfort to your style. Who doesn’t want an excuse to bring back pastels and sweatpants?

  • Oversized Hoodies & Bike Shorts
  • Crewnecks, hoodies, long Nike Pros

Running late? Throw on that sweatshirt and some bike shorts and now you’re fashionable and on time! 

  • Layered Necklaces
  • Dainty gold/ silver chains over longer heavier necklaces

Add some sparkle and shine to your neckline with easily layered necklaces. The more the merrier!!! 

  • Air Force Ones

Chunky sneakers never fail to add some dimension to your look. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns now so you can always stand out!

  • Scarf Shirts
  • Similar to tube tops but a “silk” headscarf instead

A very feminine way to add patterns and new textures to your wardrobe while getting new use out of older trends.