Netflix Deep Dives: “The Society”

If you are looking for a binge worthy show with a hint of mystery, “The Society” is perfect for you!

Kathryn Newton and Alex Fitzalan star in the Netflix original series, “The Society”.

Photo by Netflix

Kathryn Newton and Alex Fitzalan star in the Netflix original series, “The Society”.

Jennifer Argo, Staff Writer

The show begins with a group of teenagers on a bus to what we assume is a field trip. As they start waking up from their naps, the students see that it is night, the bus driver has disappeared, and the bus is back at the school. Leaving the bus, the students find themselves alone in their town with no people other than their fellow classmates. Student, Cassandra Pressman, is the first to step up to brainstorm a reason as to why they might be alone. She comes to the resolution that they are in a replica of their town in some alternate universe.

The large ensemble of characters in the show offers multiple viewpoints, but the main protagonist is Allie Pressman, who takes initiative when tragedy strikes her older sister, Cassandra. Many of the teens don’t like the idea of taking orders from one person, so they rebel, a division which leads to more harm for the group. Allie navigates her way through being a leader and remaining liked.

The teenagers have a hard time navigating through teenage pregnancy, death, disability, sexuality, murder, and abusive relationships. This adversity causes tension amongst the group and only leads to more difficulties.

“The Society” gives off “Lord of the Flies” vibes in the way that the teenagers try to survive and thrive without any adult supervision. They had to grow up way too fast, much like how the boys in Golding’s book did. They begin to turn against each other and the situation turns dangerous for everyone involved.

The show ends with so many questions unanswered. Sadly, Netflix did not renew the show for a second season, so fans are left wondering: what happens next?