3/2/2021 Board of Education Meeting

This meeting covers Highway 133 concerns, MLK Health Care Scholarships, TAC on Deck, and Mr. Glick’s passing.


Photo by Jennifer Argo

The Board is seated after standing up for the pledge.

Jennifer Argo, Staff Writer

The Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, March 2nd at 6:00 pm to discuss important issues regarding the Brunswick County schools. They began the meeting with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

During the public address on redistricting, concerned citizen, Mr. Holden shared his opinions about Highway 133. The redistricting plans came to their, Mr. Holden and his wife’s, attention, and they were very concerned about the speeds people go on Highway 133 and the number of accidents. It concerns him a lot since they will be having a child soon near such dangerous roads.

“We are highly aware of all the accidents,” said Holden. “If you just Google the number of accidents on Highway 133 you’ll see that it’s very dangerous.”

The next presentation was given by Dr. Sanjay Badish in regards to the MLK Health Career Scholarships.

“A lot of the kids that I had known through soccer practice and different experiences were not going to be pursuing higher education, not because of academic prowess but because of financial limitations,” said Badish. “So I pondered that for some time. My practice, which is in Leland, had been donating the funds that we generated on Martin Luther King Day. […] I thought about channeling those funds.”

Badish plans to gather some more community members and use the funds for a scholarship.

The next presentation was given by BCS Teacher of the Year Mrs. Jennie Bryan. Bryan’s updated the board where they are with a TAC initiative to promote social-emotional learning in classrooms across the district and to share what she has been up to as the 2021 Borough’s Welcome Fund Southeast Regional teacher of the year. TAC on Deck realizes the importance of social-emotional learning for students and works together to put some practical and easily accessible resources into the hands of teachers across the district.

The meeting closed with a remembrance of Mr. Barry Glick, a beloved substitute who passed away due to the tornado a few weeks ago.

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