How To Make Someone’s Day


Emely Olmedo, Staff Writer

We all have days where we are right on track with our schedule. However, some days (sometimes many days) don’t go the way we want them to–even worse, there are those days where the smallest thing is capable of ruining your whole day. Showing at least one act of kindness to another person can make one’s day, something as small as “Have a great day!” Here are some small gestures of kindness to make anyone’s day better. 

Compliment them. 

You really like their outfit or how they did their hair today? Tell them. Make them feel noticed. Everyone loves compliments and it’s so nice to see a smile form on one’s face. 


Pay for the food of the person behind you. 

A huge act of generosity, not only will you bless them with some free food but you will encourage them to pay for the next person behind them. 


Start a conversation. 

Getting a word with someone can make one feel comfortable, maybe they’re holding something in and a simple “How has your day been?” can help them open up about something they have been holding in. 



Such a small and simple gesture, simply smile at someone. You never know when someone just needs a small burst of happiness–even a masked smile is recognized these days. 


Say thank you.

Saying thank you can make a big difference, not only is it out of respect, but it will allow a person to feel appreciated. 


Give unexpected gifts. 

Even when you know you aren’t receiving one in return, it’s always so nice to see a person get so happy and surprised when they receive any kind of gift. 

These are just a few small and easy ways to make one’s day better. There is no better feeling than knowing you were the reason someone’s day was complete.