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Drive Me Batty: Teachorial Disrespect

Cameron Southward, Lit Mag Curator

April 1, 2019

Teachorial Disrespect   Some teachers hate their job. How could anyone hate shaping the minds of youth? How could anyone hate helping young minds find their way through this difficult and confusing world? How could anyone hate tapping into the creativity of the future? Simple answers to not-s...

Netflix Review: The Good Place

Netflix Review: The Good Place

Alyssa Robinson, Copy Editor

February 18, 2019

NBC outdid themselves with this outrageously funny sitcom. The Good Place is witty, emotional and genuinely fun to watch. Created by Michael Shur, the show opens in a heaven-like setting with the protagonist, Eleanor Shellstrop, feeling both relieved and surprised that she made the cut. Shortly thereafte...

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