Does A Return To Normal Mean A Return To Mass Shootings?

Does A Return To Normal Mean A Return To Mass Shootings?

Emely Olmedo, Staff Writer

The past few months, from March to this month of May, there had been 7 mass shootings. As we are slowly returning to how things were pre-covid, does that mean more mass shootings are to occur? 

In the time of Covid, mass shooting rates dropped considerably due to fewer gatherings occurring and more people staying home. However, the big question many are asking is what will happen once the pandemic is completely over? 

“A lot of people struggled when they were cut off just sitting inside for days,” said senior Haley Reed. “With limited social interactions and with us slowly moving back to normal, there are those who maybe aren’t handling their own mental health and could be deemed unstable coming back out into society.” 

Staying quarantined for months, many have struggled with their mental health. As we are slowly able to return to a more active and interactive lifestyle, we should take a good look at our mental health and check on those around us who may be struggling. 

“I think the reason these shootings might be occurring is the fact that since restrictions have been lifted in some areas,” said sophomore Carson Pope. “People who are motivated to do horrible things like this are able to move around more freely and are given more chances to act on that urge.” 

With lifted restrictions, people who have been quarantined may get a feeling of being able to act how they want. They may feel as if now they can do whatever they want and could feel open to having more opportunities to act. Not only are lives already at risk with a pandemic going around but if more mass shootings continue to happen, it would be devastating if people fear going out again now that they are finally able to. 

In these 7 shootings, the gunmen have taken 46 lives in total. Mental health can be a struggle when you have been quarantined for so long and now that restrictions are lifted, a mental illness can often be a cause for an act of gun violence.

“They stopped for a while and I honestly do think the mass shootings have came back due to most restrictions being lifted,” said sophomore Ashley Dominguez “Aside from that, I think it’s devastating and I hope for a change.”