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The Student News Site of West Brunswick High School

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The Student News Site of West Brunswick High School

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Olivia Poindexter’s perspective as she creates her digital design of a volleyball

Storytelling Through Graphic Design

Olivia Poindexter, Graphic Designer Mar 27, 2024

Art has been a major interest of mine throughout my life, though I’ve never had the opportunity to use it academically until I joined Journalism. In class, I create a visual narrative that works hand-in-hand...

School Sports reinforcing social cliques at West Brunswick High School.

Challenges Within School

Jacob Rumsey, Staff Writer Mar 27, 2024

Throughout my experience at West Brunswick, one significant challenge to our society is actively being overlooked by today's education system. This challenge and danger presents itself through the schools...

Brooklyns Top 5 Game Day Artists

Brooklyn’s Top 5 Game Day Artists

Brooklyn Coble, Creative Content Member Mar 25, 2024

1. Drake- In my personal opinion Drake is my favorite artist to listen to on a game day, his style of music has a very wide variation and there is a Drake song for any mood that I’m in.  If I want...

A classic fantasy castle cracking under the pressure of Disneys poor decisions.

The Downfall of Disney

Fleur Kelly, Broadcast Assistant Feb 28, 2024

Most of us have grown up with Disney movies. It’s a household name, a studio known for its magical storylines and impressive animation. But with their recent flops like Raya and the Last Dragon, Onward,...

How do banned books affect education?

How do banned books affect education?

Kennedy Dunaway, staff writer Jan 31, 2024

Book banning is one of the most common ways to censor education. Books are constantly being challenged by parents at local schools and libraries. This impacts not only teachers due to a constant change...

Is It Safe To Walk To School?

Is It Safe To Walk To School?

Rowan Miller, Staff Writer Jan 31, 2024

On Thursday, March 16th, 2023 a student at West Brunswick High School got hit by a car while walking to school. While this student did survive with serious injuries, not all students who get hit by cars...

Graphic created on Canva. Image depicts a clock and says Twenty-four hours left.

How Much Can You Fit In 24 Hours?

Kelsey Swain, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2024

Imagine you go to the doctors, just for a normal check up. Everything's going well ‘till your doctor looks down at your chart and looks up at you with a blank expression on their face. You leave the...

Pitty Pride

Pitty Pride

Rowan Miller, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2024

Many people celebrated the coming of the new year; however, for XL Bully owners in England and Wales, it was most certainly not a “Happy New Year.”  On December 31st, it became illegal to sell,...

The eggs Benedict from the local restaurant Blueberry Grill located in North Myrtle Beach.

Some favorite local restaurants

Emma Bartlett, Staff Writer Dec 18, 2023

My family and I eat out a lot so that leaves tons of room for me to form lots of opinions on local restaurants. Eating out can be a very quick and fun thing to do with friends, family, or even by yourself....

Toilet Trouble: The State of Our Bathrooms

Toilet Trouble: The State of Our Bathrooms

Jenna Williams, Staff Writer Dec 15, 2023

High school bathrooms are never the cleanest places. There will be some times when you walk in and they don't look half bad, but then there are other times when you see writing on the walls, toilet paper...

A group of friends joking and having a good time together.

When to let go

Amadis Levasa, Event Coverage Coordinator Dec 13, 2023

Choosing friends is like drafting a team in sports. You don’t just want the most players, you want the best players. The ones who will stand by you, push you to be better, and celebrate your victories....

The Elf of the Shelf Twinkle sits in a miniature sleigh engulfed in Christmas ornaments.

Hannah’s Top 5: Christmas Traditions

Hannah Underwood, Staff writer Dec 13, 2023

Traditions are a special way to connect ourselves to one another, whether it be with family or friends. We all have special little things that we do weekly, monthly, and more commonly annually. However,...

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