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West Key Club graphic designed by staff writer Gracie Loft

Why Key Club is more than a college application boost

Gracie Loft, Staff Writer Sep 27, 2023

Club Goal: The Key Club is a vital way for students to get involved and contribute to their community.   The club prepares students for useful citizenship in the future.   Valuable...

The One-Act Play Festival

The One-Act Play Festival

Aiden McKinney, Broadcast Director Sep 25, 2023

The Big Picture: The drama club is entering in the 2023 One-Act Play Festival, where schools submit plays with a specific theme and criteria, and have now begun rehearsing for the festival.   Details:...

Aziraphale and Crowley In The Bookshop Good Omens Promotional Material Amazon Original

Good Omens: The Best Show to Come Out This Summer

Fleur Kelly, Broadcast Assistant Sep 25, 2023

“Good Omens” is a beautifully written show well-known for its controversy, sense of humor, and huge cast of characters. While there have been many popular shows as of late, the creator of “Good Omens,”...

Senior Lavoria Hill standing with teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing Katie Smith.

Here’s your Sign

Noah Farris, Copy Editor Sep 20, 2023

Many of us spend a large part of our day listening to music, watching TV or talking to one another. For senior Lavoria Hill, things are much different. “I was born hearing, but I lost my hearing at...

Eastern rat snake on a piece of driftwood

Sssssstop the Hate: Justice for Snakes as Warm Weather Approaches

Fleur Kelly, Staff Writer Mar 31, 2023

As warm weather approaches, snakes are returning to our backyards, and a problem is quickly becoming visible. Snakes are being wrongfully slaughtered. “Not all snakes are bad,” said Ben Strattman....

The Rare Occasions: Exclusive Interview

The Rare Occasions: Exclusive Interview

Aiden McKinney, Junior Broadcast Assistant Mar 31, 2023
“These were the kinds of things that were out of our control, we didn’t write Notion to fit any mold of the internet, we’ve just been putting out music and doing our thing for years, and finally that one blew up, I don’t know why it was that one but that’s what happened, and here we are.”
Cerneka senior Season Cancelled? No Way! What is the Requirements for Eligibility and Howd She Earn It Back?

Cerneka Senior Season Cancelled? No Way!

Destiny Noblitt and Amadis Levasa Mar 28, 2023

Joelle Cerneka is a senior who has played lacrosse for West every year of her high school career, playing a total of six years between the Wild Tide and West Brunswick teams. On Friday, February 24th,...

Mr.Hatcher makes popcorn with his students to sell to other teachers and students around school.

Meet Mr.Hatcher

Ava Babson, Staff writer Mar 21, 2023

David Hatcher was a custodian at West Brunswick for about five years, soon after he left West, he became a teacher assistant at South Brunswick high school for another five years. He is now in the process...

Sophomore Spencer Agner watching TikTok behind his computer screen in class.

Are you addicted?

Courtney Weston , Communications Director Jan 12, 2023

I have an addiction.  Let me clarify. I have a phone addiction.  Living as a teenager in this day and age, it's easy to be addicted to your phone. It seems like our whole world revolves around our...

Kearstin Herring showing off some of our tardy passes that the school will give you.

Tardy & Absent Policy: Stay or Go?

Jenna Williams, Staff Writer Jan 10, 2023

Did you wake up late this morning and know you were going to be tardy? It's your first time oversleeping and you think it's okay; it happens to many kids and nothing has happened to you before, right?...

Purple New Year, New You poster made on Canva.

New Year, New You

Jenna Williams, Staff Writer Jan 10, 2023

With the new year here, it’s time for everyone to start talking about their “New Year’s resolutions,’’ or just the goals they have and would like to achieve for the New Year. New Year's resolutions...

Riley Grissett reading  one of her favorite books Kingdom Of The Feared.

Last Installment Of The Kerri Maniscalco series “Kingdom Of The Feared”

Riley Grissett, Assistant Broadcast Director Jan 9, 2023

The long-awaited third installment of the Kerri Maniscalco series the “Kingdom Of The Feared” was published September 27, 2022. After leaving readers on a cliff hanger from the previous book, “Kingdom...

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