Appreciate your Introverted Personality


Henry Jansky, Staff Writer

Being shy in high school is a blessing. If you ask anyone, they could tell you that I’m one of the shyest people. As time went on, I realized that there is no shame in being reserved. I never really understood why people tried so hard to get kids in high school to step out of their comfort zone when being shy has only helped me in my experience.

Time to work on yourself

When you have a big group of friends, you automatically strive to appease them. This takes away time that could be spent trying to better understand yourself. Experiment to see who is worth your time so if you were to step out of your comfort zone, it would be easier to build more genuine relationships.

More time for yourself

You have the time to do more things that you might not be able to with a big group of friends when you find more time for yourself. Being your own person and doing things by yourself is very peaceful. You tend to enjoy yourself without worrying about who is dissatisfied and trying to incorporate different activities to appease different types of people.

Coming Off As Mysterious

This is honestly my favorite part about being shy! You keep others wondering, most students I’ve come across are ebullient and they give too much off about themselves which could be used against them in the future. But in this case, you share only what’s necessary and that’s such an endearing part about someone, especially if they hold some kind of talent that sets them apart from everyone else. This makes someone want to know you and keeps them curious and you know what? Let them be curious. You are special.

Less Trouble

It’s common knowledge that if you aren’t associated with the wrong people, you won’t find yourself in a situation that tends to be less than pleasant. If you are shy, you won’t have a lot of people around you. Most kids in high school only follow people who have some sort of popularity, whether that is being attractive or being an athlete. It’s important to befriend people because of their personality and not because of their high school status. Knowing this, you will get into way less trouble while in high school.

Nonetheless, being quiet is a wonderful trait that comes with many perks that will aid you mentally, emotionally, and academically. I’m so grateful that I’m the way that I am based on the individuals I’ve come across and the stories I’ve heard. My introverted personality has shaped me into the sweet, compassionate, successful young man I am today.