Grissettowns Main Attraction: Haunted Trail


Emely Olmedo, Editor in Chief

Getting to the month of October, everyone starts to get excited and prepare for Halloween. While starting to decorate with pumpkins, scary pop-up decorations, getting ready for horror movies and pumpkin carvings, one fun family-friendly activity that we have in Brunswick County is the Haunted Trail that everyone looks forward to each year. 

The Haunted Trail is a spooky trail hosted by the fire department. It is a self-guided trail filled with interactive props and actors. While you go down this trail, you will experience special effects and scares to make this a thrilling experience. 

The Haunted Trail is a fund raising event where every profit earned will fund the fire department. Firefighters and local community volunteers are playing roles in the trail where they are not allowed to touch you making this a safe attraction. This trail has won 2 local awards for the scariest haunted attraction. 

Although this isn’t necessarily for kids due to the thrill, this is an exciting event that we all enjoy as a community, even people from around the state. It takes a long time to put together this trail and about a year to get prepared.  

Come check out the Haunted Trail for a spooky night with friends or family. This is a great way to support your community! 

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