Eyermann takes Flight


Ava Babson, Staff writer

Senior Jordan Eyermann has always had love for the sky, so it is no surprise that he has received his pilot’s license at a young age compared to when most people start flying and training to get their license.

 “About a month ago, my grandfather took me on a plane flight in Ocean Isle Beach and I was offered the opportunity to fly the plane for a portion of the ride,” said Eyermann. “As soon as I started flying the plane, I just, I felt a click and I genuinely felt like this is something I wanted to do, and I enjoyed it very much.” 

Jordan started off his flight training by going through a portion of ground school in actual flight training. He started flying almost on the first day after he did his pre-flight inspection. Eyermann  stated that the hardest part when you first start training is learning every single part of the airplane itself.

“You don’t realize how many things factor into flying, so as soon as you get comfortable with flying, you start flying almost every day that you go in,” said Eyermann. 

Jordan wishes to Join The Air Force Reserves at the end of the school year as an aircraft mechanic. That will be his course of action for the next few years after which, Eyermann would like to finish his complete commercial license, a task that takes about two and a half years of training and a recording of at least 1000 hours of flying time. Eyermann hopes to become a commercial pilot, signing a contract with either an airline or a cargo transport company.

“Everything you do in life is a direct result of how much effort, determination and passion you put into it,” said Eyermann. ”If flying was easy, everyone would do it, so with that said, the ones with the most passion to fly are the ones that become pilots.”

Young Jordan