Sanders Signing Off

Sanders Signing Off

Photo by Bella Little

Bella Little, Financial Manager

Chris Sanders, a social studies teacher, has been teaching students for 32 years, will soon be retiring.

A demanding career like this takes passion and perseverance, but it pays off. Teachers can change students’ lives, and Sanders has left a tremendous impact on his students. He knew he wanted to start this career because he wanted to be a better teacher than what he remembers from his teachers in high school. 

“To new teachers, just stick with it and persevere,” said Sanders. “Everything in this career was a highlight, especially all of my students.”

Many students consider Sanders to be one of the best teachers because of his ability to connect with them. Sanders is described as “laid back” and is always determined to keep his students intrigued and interested.  

“He made his class fun, and everything he talked about was relevant and inclusive,” said sophomore Ty’Asia Grant. “He listened to what others had to say while giving his unbiased input.” 

Students who were able to have Sanders have always said such good things. Describing Sanders as their favorite teacher, former students are sad to see him go but are glad they had the opportunity to have had him when they did and will never forget the impact he left on them.

“I do feel bad for students that have not had him because they are missing so much knowledge and wisdom,” said Savannah Hughes. “It’s so sad to see such a good teacher go, but he deserves this.”