Ava’s Top 3 Menu Picks: Beach House Cafe


Ava Babson, Staff writer

Beach House Cafe is a little family-owned restaurant placed right in the perfect location of Sunset Beach, NC. Beach House Cafe is such a great place for anyone to stop in and eat or take out food. Beach House Cafe has a wide variety of coffees, brunch items, lunch items and so much more. This restaurant is loved by many people all around town, old and young, tourists and local families. Beach House Cafe does dinner on select nights along with live music that the older crowd tends to love. The menu also includes a catering option that is perfect for any event that you need or even if you just need dinner for your family of 2.Below is listed a few of what I think Their best items are.


Caesar Salad 

On their menu a few different salads are listed; one of the most popular is their “Warm Goat Cheese Salad,” but personally I think the Caesar salad is the best one on the menu. It is made up of fresh greens, parmesan cheese and a flavorful Caesar dressing. You also have the option to add chicken and shrimp if it is available. It is a classic choice, and I highly recommend it if you like salads!


Acai bowls 

Beach House Cafe has the Acai bowl on the menu all year round simply because customers absolutely love it; it is a fan favorite, especially for younger tourists during the summer. It is a healthy alternative to a desert if you are craving something cold and fruity. Acai bowls can be customized with whatever fruit and toppings you would like, along with an option to add Nutella, peanut butter or almond butter to make it even tastier. I recommend this item because it is healthy and delicious; it is one of my favorite foods/snacks!


Roasted Turkey BLT

This item is only available on the  specials from Beach House Cafe, the “specials” menu changes almost every day, but when they have this item on the specials menu, I make sure to get it! It is a perfect size, SO yummy and has great flavor. This sandwich is made up of white bread, sliced tomato, crispy bacon, thinly sliced turkey and lettuce. I would recommend this item to anyone hungry for a good and filling sandwich.


Anytime you are strolling around in Sunset Beach or even Ocean Isle, I highly recommend you stop by, say hello and grab yourself something yummy to eat or drink. You definitely will not be disappointed!