Reyde’s Reads: Good Girl Complex


Reyde Jones, Staff Writer

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy


“Yeah, real wild night you’re having,” I drawl, gesturing at her glass of water. “Someone’s got a good girl complex, huh?”

“I’m dying to find out how insulting me is going to win you this bet.”

“Stick around and find out.”

Mackenzie “Mac” Cabot has it all, the perfect boyfriend, a successful business, and rich parents willing to throw money at any problem. What more could she possibly want?  Against her wishes, her parents insist on sending her to Avalon Bay to attend the prestigious Garnet College. Upon arriving in Avalon Bay, she meets “Bad Boy” Cooper Hartley and is quickly thrust into a whirlwind romance.

Finally fed up with how her life is going, Mac escalates things pretty quickly and takes matters into her own hands, buying an old hotel to refurbish. Her relationship, once thought solid, gets shaken up, and Mac turns to the only person offering support in her life: Cooper. The will “they/won’t they make it” of the book keeps you turning the pages to see if the opposites attract thing they have going on will work.

This book is a great read, with strong characters and great world-building. I loved this book and would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a great romance.