A Blonde Abroad, UK Travel Guide


Ava Babson, Staff writer

With spring break upon us, lots of are people traveling in and out of our state and even out of the country, For those considering out of country travel, England is a beautiful and history-filled place to travel to if you’re looking for something fun and different. 


Buckingham Palace 

  • Buckingham Palace is a beautiful place to visit. The queen lives here, and the architecture is beautiful; there isn’t much to actually do at this specific location other than look, but one thing you can do is watch the changing of the guards. The changing of the guards is a free London event that can be time-consuming, but is very interesting and worth experiencing. This event is very popular, so make sure you get there early and secure a spot to get a good view.


Canterbury Cathedral

  • Canterbury was a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages and is Located in southeast England. There are many things to see in this city, but one of the main things people do is visit the Canterbury Cathedral. There are various rooms and sections throughout the cathedral to see; there are a lot of stained glass windows, and it is home to many historical sites and sculptures.


Royal Opera House 

  •   The Royal Opera is a British opera company based in central London since 1946. If you ever visit England, this is the place you should stop at and watch. It is something I will never forget. It was super cool to watch and something I’ve never seen before. Another interesting thing about this site is they do not sing in English, so you listen to them singing in French the whole time. Although, if you sit at the top in the separate cubbies, they have a little screen that translates the words that they are singing.



  • Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. It consists of an outer ring and a vertical sarsen standing stone stopped by connecting horizontal lintel stones. This is also something I think everyone should see once in their life. Being just stones it is pretty boring, but you leave questioning yourself “how did those stones even get there?” speaking from my experience. 


There’s so much to explore in England, but to get to all of its top attractions can be difficult without renting a car. London has a huge variety of other things you can do, from walking tours, bus tours, food tours, and private tours, to just walking around in the city trying new things and seeing new people. Overall, England is a harmless and unique place I highly recommend one should visit.