Rating my Fav Go-To coffee shops

Rating my Fav Go-To coffee shops

Ava Babson, Staff writer

Coffee has always been one of my (unhealthy) obsessions since I was younger. I’ve been to many many different coffee shops and have tried a variety of different drinks to find out what my favorite kind is and to see what I like best. Below I have listed some of my favorite coffee places and listed a small description of what I think about them.



Starbucks is a more expensive option but totally worth it because their coffee is excellent. A lot of times they are out of flavors and such, but the times that they aren’t, they have various many flavors you can choose from, along with sauces and toppings to go in your coffee. I’ve never had a bad experience at Starbucks unless I’ve ordered something new and ended up not liking it. 




I rarely go to Dunkin simply just because we only have a select few Dunkins around here but whenever I do make a quick stop at Dunkin, I usually get a simple coffee because they don’t have as many options as Starbucks or other coffee shops, but they are also a cheaper option. The thing with Dunkin is that you will never get perfectly good coffee each time you go back to back. Most of the time you never really know if you’re gonna get exactly what you want; an example of what this generation has come up with is when you order Dunkin: “Did you get crack or river water?”



Jumpin Java 

Jumpin Java is another cheaper option for coffee around town, bonus points for being a local business. They have a variety of many good flavors and sauces. They have hot coffee, cold coffee, and blended coffees just like any other coffee shop. The one thing I love about Jumpin’ Java is that they make their own flavors by combining many different flavors to make one delicious coffee; the names of those specialty coffees are usually the staff’s names, listed on a specials board. 



Beach House Cafe 

Beach House Cafe is a good place to stop in and get coffee. They have many choices of flavors but not so many sauces. They have normal lattes, hot or iced, and normal coffees, hot, iced or blended. They do a couple of very popular signature lattes, such as the “Abbey’s Fav” which is an iced latte with cold foam, caramel, and agave. The other very popular drink is the “Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso.” This is just an iced latte with a few pumps of brown sugar cinnamon flavor in it. If you prefer a stronger type of espresso, then this is the place for you. I do not prefer strong coffee so I get a normal iced coffee with whatever flavor I’m feeling that day and cold foam on top.