Captain Austin’s Fishing Adventures


Caroline McMullan, Staff Writer

As summer approaches, local businesses prepare for a flood of tourists. Captain Austin Aycock, owner of Captain Austin’s Fishing Adventures and class of 2017, is one of many people whose business will be booming in the coming months. 

Captain Austin’s Fishing Adventures is a relatively new business; Aycock bought three boats and space in the Ocean Isle Fishing Center Marina in March of 2020. Despite being new as the owner, Aycock has been fishing his entire life and working as a charter captain for almost eight years: “It was intimidating at first knowing that the business’s success was in my hands, but owning the company was a natural next step for me, and I had all the tools I needed to be successful,” says Captain Austin. 

Aside from owning his charter business, Aycock also participates in several fishing tournaments every year and has great success. Anything outdoors has always come naturally to Captain Austin, and he says he “always knew I’d work outdoors. Even when I was a kid, I couldn’t be inside for long”. When he’s not fishing, Aycock spends every spare second hunting. He is the epitome of an Outdoorsman and has been very fortunate that his career became a part of his love for the outdoors. 

Eager for the summer, Aycock hopes to set a new precedent for charter fishing and grow his business in the coming months. He is excited to see where his company goes and believes the sky’s the limit. Aycock claims that “You can be successful in anything you’re passionate about”- don’t settle for a career you don’t love.