Fruity Debate


Photo by Ava Babson

Ava Babson, Staff writer

Choosing the best type of fruit snacks can be difficult because of the variety to choose from. Fruit snacks are my favorite little snack to have if I am packing my lunch for school, in the car or just to have in my bag if I’m traveling. Below I’ve listed and rated some different types of fruit snacks.



Motts fruit snacks are one of my top choices in fruit snacks; they are very flavorful and have a good texture. Although, they are very sticky compared to other fruit snacks, and that is the reason a lot of people don’t like them because of them sticking to your teeth.




Welch’s fruit snacks are also very flavorful but have a completely different taste than Motts, personally, I think they taste more like actual fruit than any other fruit snack. They have a softer texture and aren’t sticky.



Scooby Snacks 

I don’t eat these fruit snacks very often anymore, but I used to when I was younger. They are very nostalgic to a lot of people. These fruit snacks are very yummy, have good taste, and are very colorful.




Funables are not one of my favorites, but I still would eat them if any other fruit snack was not available. They don’t have as much flavor as others and taste like any normal gummy. They are a cheaper version of fruit snacks.



Great Value Tangy Fruit Smiles 

These Great Value fruit snacks are the cheapest fruit snacks I’ve had but also one of my top favorites under Motts, they kind of remind me of Dots candy but with a better tangy flavor, a softer texture, and a bigger size.