Seeing double, The expectation vs reality of High School


Photo by Ava Babson

Seeing through the “Rose-colored glasses” ; Students have high expectations for High School but snap into reality when the time actually comes.

Ava Babson, Staff writer

Time for socializing, fun, school spirit, and new bonds: high school is glorified and celebrated in the media, giving rising freshmen a pair of “rose-colored glasses” as to what they should expect. The reality, however, isn’t so rosy.

Students don’t really know what to expect in High School. Every one arrives with certain expectations. People base them off of High School movies that seemed so wonderful, an older sibling that had the experience, or possibly just by someone telling them how their experience was in high school in the previous years.

“I thought that it was going to be magical,” said Senior Eyana Gaskins. “I thought that I was going to enjoy the freedom and I was going to be an adult, It’s not like that.”

A lot of Movies, books, and, shows nowadays make High School seem like it’s going to be all amazing, everything will be fun, and that you have to be “popular” to fit in. The other side of this opinion is that teachers in middle school kind of put “fear” into kids to make them think High School is going to be very hard and stressful with all of the new teachers, friends, and, completely different types of schoolwork. 

“I expected it to be harder than middle school was but it is actually easier than I thought it would be,” said freshman Victoria Heady. “I thought it would be very stressful because of the work and that I wouldn’t make it to class on time because of the crowded hallways,”  said Takoda Zimmerman.

Although everyone has some type of “bad” expectation for high school there are multiple ways to make Your high school experience better and for you to be able to enjoy it while you’re there.

“To enjoy my years Throughout high school, I find new people to make friends with to have the same High School experience with and I play softball for the school,” said Senior Ava Caison. “I’m Kind  of just going with the flow honestly, so I can graduate.”