Winter Semi-Formal

Jenna Williams, Staff Writer

This year the Leadership class took it upon themselves to throw us a Winter Semi-formal dance. As the day gets closer, they’re wrapping up all the loose ends and getting ready for the big day: Saturday, December 10th, 7-9:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. This dance means a lot to many teachers and students since this is our first dance in a while other than prom. They have worked hard to get everything approved, bought, and set up for us.  

“There were a lot of hoops we had to jump through to be able to have this dance with money, getting everything approved, with decoration, and getting the most support we can,’’ said senior Kyndel Johnson.

It all starts with just an idea from a group of people, but hosting a dance for a high school is a challenging task. This dance not only lets these kids show off their hard work but also gives them a sense of accomplishment knowing that they were able to do all of that. Support in this case is also a really big thing because you have to know that people are cheering you on and wanting this idea to succeed. 

“This dance will really mean a lot to me as a senior and to others because it means that we’ll all be together since freshmen are able to attend,’’ said Johnson. 

Most high school dances don’t include freshmen and since our winter semi-formal is allowing all grade levels to go, this is an opportunity for everyone to make memories together. Making memories is a huge part of everyone’s four years in high school. Everyone together gives us a bigger, better, and healthier environment with more laughs, jokes, and smiles. 

“We would all be very grateful that a lot of people came out and excited about how everything will come together,” said senior Sophie Rozen.

Leadership teacher Mrs. Saunders said that she wanted this dance to be a chance for “all students to engage in their school community without barriers,” and she hoped that students came out to have a nice time.