It’s “Wednesday”, I’m in Love


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The character Wednesday from Netflix’s new show “Wednesday” holding an umbrella.

Courtney Weston, Communications Director

On November 23rd, Netflix released its new original series “Wednesday.” The show follows the classic dark and twisty Wednesday Addams and her journey navigating her new school, Nevermore. 

Unlike other schools, Nevermore is a school for the odd and “quirky” kids who will never fit in with today’s society. Upon arriving at the school, Wednesday is approached with many twists and turns that cause her first semester at this new school to be one to remember. 

The casting of the show is on point. Jenna Ortega comes on as Wednesday. Ortega started her career on the show “Jane the Virgin,” playing young Jane. Since the beginning of her career, Ortega has broken away from the cute family shows by acting in the show “YOU” and other horror-type films. The cast also includes Christina Ricci, the original Wednesday Addams in the 1991 release of the Addams Family. On the show, Ricci plays Wednesday’s dorm supervisor, who teaches the students about different plants and what they could do with them. 

Season one of the show consists of eight episodes, four directed by Tim Burton. Burton is known for his unique gothic style of entertainment. Burton directed “Beetlejuice,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and the live-action remake of “Alice and Wonderland.” Burton was also an executive producer on the show. 

I loved this show. I finished within two days! The show portrayed and stuck to the original Wednesday Addams look, with the classic pigtails and little black dress. In the show, Wednesday is paired up with Edin Sinclair. Sinclair is the opposite of Wednesday; she is very outgoing and colorful. In contrast, Wednesday is very monotone and dull. By the end of the eighth episode, Sinclair has broken down and brought out the softer side of Wednesday, signified by Wednesday hugging Edin after a brutal scene. 

Throughout the show, Wednesday finds herself in a love triangle with Tyler (a human whose father is the sheriff) and Xavier (a boy with an unexplained past who likes to lurk in the shadows). Both boys show an interest in Wednesday early on, but Wednesday, being Wednesday, doesn’t realize or understand. So instead, Wednesday uses the boys and their feelings throughout the semester to manipulate them into helping her solve the mystery at Nevermore. She even goes as far as telling Tyler that she’ll go on a date with him, but she really just wants him to go with her to search the Thornhill Estate. 

In the final episode, viewers are given closure and the truth hiding within the walls of Nevermore Academy is brought to light. However, while we know that the semester is over and there is nothing more to do with the bad things that have happened to Wednesday, the final scene suggests otherwise. The final scene is Wednesday leaving the school grounds after her long semester and getting messages from a stalker. 

Even though the show just ended, there are already rumors that season two is underway, but I guess we’ll have to see what else Nevermore Academy has to show us.