West welcomes new women’s soccer coach


Ava Babson, Staff writer

After three years as the women’s soccer coach, Michelle Leonard is stepping down from her position. Emma Beacham, a Cedar Grove Math teacher, and our JV volleyball coach is stepping into the role. Beacham was a college athlete at Scotland High School and Pfeiffer University. She played soccer for all four years of High School and volleyball for five years in college.

“I’m excited about it. I miss soccer a lot, and I know that I’ll get to play with the girls during practice and show ’em what I can do and they show me what they can do and to learn from them as well,” said Beacham. “So I’m excited to meet a new group of girls and get to build another program here. My goal is to build a family and to come out, meet the girls, start strong, but build a family that works hard and gets 1% better each time we step on the field.”

  Beacham’s coaching has already made multiple impacts on athletes along with other coaches here & has created a lot of connections.Many people now know what is expected from her coaching as well as what she is expected to receive from her players.

“She pushes all of us to be better players on and off of the court, at practice she would push us to the best of our ability and always check in on us mentally,” said Emma Bartlett “Off of the court she supports anything we do no matter what it is.”

Most athletes in high school rely on their coach. You want a coach that is there to teach you new things, make you stronger physically & mentally, build a family, encourage your team to win, and push you but in the most efficient way. Being a good athlete is also something that coaches rely on; it is expected that you are respectful, a good listener and that you always give your best. Every athlete has room for improvement somewhere, no matter how big or small.

“I want this team to start strong and come in with one of my biggest things, respect, so come in with a respectful attitude and environment,” said Beacham “And I think once we go from there, then the physical part and the fundamentals will come along. As long as we build a culture now, then what comes next year will already be set for the new people”.