Are you addicted?


Photo by Courtney Weston

Sophomore Spencer Agner watching TikTok behind his computer screen in class.

Courtney Weston, Communications Director

I have an addiction. 

Let me clarify. I have a phone addiction. 

“The 91-page complaint says the social media companies have created a public nuisance by targeting their products to children. It blames them for worsening mental health and behavioral disorders including anxiety, depression, disordered eating and cyberbullying; making it more difficult to educate students;”

— AP News.

Living as a teenager in this day and age, it’s easy to be addicted to your phone. It seems like our whole world revolves around our phones and social media.

As teenagers, we feel a lot of pressure to have good grades, be social, and be independent. This causes us to want an escape from reality. About 95% of teenagers use technology as their escape, whether it be video games, social media, or just watching Netflix. But as much as the flight feels good, it negatively impacts us in many ways. Technology has caused an increase in teenage depression, anxiety, and social media usage. It has also caused a decrease in physical activity.

Unlike other generations, we grew up on iPads and phones with our parents using this as a quick way to be entertained and quiet. But in the long run, this has caused us to rely on technology to get news constantly, updates on people’s lives, etc. But unfortunately, this has also caused us to be less social and aware of the people around us. 

Being a fellow teenager, I know how it feels to want to be on your phone all day, but when can we break the cycle of being on our phones 24/7? After researching and some testing, I found the top 5 best ways to help with phone addiction.