Junior Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. North Brunswick Scorpions- 1/6/23


Photo by Presley Adams

Both teams prepare to begin the next play.

Presley Adams, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 6, our Junior Varsity men’s basketball team took on county rivals, North Brunswick High School Scorpions. The players worked together to create a competitive environment and made many remarkable plays. Sophomore Harrison Doherty comments on the team’s cooperative acts.

“We played well in the second half.” said Doherty. “If we wouldn’t have come together and played like that in the first half, the game would’ve been so much closer.”

The game came close multiple times before halftime, but our boys stepped up when the 3rd quarter began. With our boys nearly undefeated, North made good competition which made our boys have to fight harder for the win. In the end, they pulled through with a final score of 51-40.