3/7 Men’s Tennis vs Ashley


Photo by Reyde Jones

Senior Zane Poulin quickly sprinting to hit the ball before it hits the ground.

Reyde Jones, Graphics Editor

On Tuesday March 7th, the men’s tennis team played an amazing match against Ashley High School. They finished this match with an impressive final score of 6-3.  Something even more impressive about this match, it is the first men’s tennis match played on the new courts. Before, when they had home games, they had to travel to the Ocean Isle Beach park in order to have a sufficient amount of courts to play. The new courts have definitely made things easier for them, in practice and games.

This year, the men’s tennis team has more members than ever, with an astounding 17 members. This is an amazing jump from last years 5 members. The future of the West Brunswick High school tennis sure does look bright. I for one, cannot wait to see what this year brings.

“I feel like we are definitely performing a lot better than our last match,” said senior player Keandre Torrijos. “I think we are definitely on a roll here.”