3/23 Esports Team vs. Pine Forest High School and Lincoln Charter College


Photo by Fleur Kelly

The Esports team playing Rocket League with Mr. Riggs watching

Fleur Kelly, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 23rd the Trojan Esports team went up against two different Esports teams, Pine Forest High School and Lincoln Charter College.

The first game was against Pine Forest High School, the Trojans joined the game expecting an easy time after the last three wins in a row. They didn’t realize how much they had underestimated the other team until it was too late. The Trojans were struggling through the game, their ego was taking bruises and it only got worse with every match lost. First 2-4, then 0-8 in the second match, and 3-4 in the third. Despite the variety of strategies and the pep talk provided by Mr. Riggs, Pine Forest High School won 5-16.

After the first game with Pine Forest High School, the Trojans were set on winning at least once that afternoon. They joined a game with the Lincoln Charter College Eagles with determination in their eyes, ready to win, and this time they did not underestimate their opponents. The Trojans were evenly matched, and the Eagles kept the score low, but that didn’t stop the Trojans from winning the first two matches. The final match had arrived and it was a tie of 3-3 as the seconds counted down. Overtime. Both teams rushed to get their final point and win, this point would not only break the tie in the match but in the game’s total points. The Trojans managed to get that goal within the first minute of overtime and ended the match with Lincoln Charter School 9-8.

“We’re still working on improving the team,” said Brett Riggs “Of course I like seeing us win, but as long as we can keep the other team’s score relatively low, I’m happy.”