First Semester Senior Bucket List

Every student dreams of their senior year, they're finally done with highschool. Most people would argue that their senior year of highschool was the best of their school careers. So what are some of the best parts of senior year to look forward to? Here is your first semester bucket list.

Mar 31, 2023

  • The First Day Of School

The first day of school your senior year is amazing for many reasons, you get to walk the halls as the top of the food chain. You’re the oldest, you’re now the seniors who you looked at as freshman and thought “wow I want to be like them”. This is an indescribable feeling, you walk through those front doors for the last time on the first day of school. You can look forward to the senior breakfast with your fellow seniors, the wbhs staff will treat you to iced coffee, doughnuts, biscuits, etc. You get to enjoy this free breakfast as a senior because you made it. 

  • Kids Backpacks

Every year all the seniors buy little kids backpacks to wear throughout the first week of school. This is a fun tradition that gets the entire class involved and united as one. These fun backpacks let you relive your childhood memories, whether you pick Disney, Lighting McQueen, or princesses, you get to be that little kid again. You get to walk through the halls of West wearing your kid backpack, just like you kid on your first day of kindergarten. 

  • Senior Parking Spots

You now get to park in the front of the school, right in front of the front doors. If you choose to, you can even paint your own parking spot. This spot will be assigned to you year-long and only you are allowed to park in it. You can paint this spot however you want, just all around make this spot just like you. Painting a senior spot is a tradition that has been passed down for years. Getting to see your own personality and ideas expressed in the senior parking lot is an extremely cool privilege. 

  • Friday Night Lights 

Friday Night lights is something that everyone dreams about going into high school; you get to stand in the student section (the TROZONE) and cheer on your peers. Friday Night Lights are especially special your senior year; in the back of your mind you’re constantly thinking, “this is my last time in this student section.” Which makes this experience all that much more special. You’re finally at the front of the bleachers because you’re the oldest; you get to call the cheers and be the loudest. It is truly an indescribable experience. 

  • Homecoming Spirit Week

Spirit week is a vital part of anyone’s high school experience, you get to dress up and show off your school spirit. You can match with your friends and dress up in fun outfits. Many students find spirit week to be a fun way to express yourself and your school spirit. Seniors get to wear their togas on Friday. A lot of the administration and teachers even dress up. Spirit week is my favorite week of the school year!

  • The Homecoming Game and Pep Rally 

The homecoming game is always on the Friday following spirit week. Before the game, West holds a pep rally; in the pep rally, all of the class years get to compete in games against each other. Classes compete in games such as tug of war and apple bobbing. The pep rally is a great way to show support for the football and prepare them for the upcoming homecoming game. The homecoming game is one of the best games of the season: the homecoming court is announced and the king and queen are crowned. Anyone can run for the homecoming court; the homecoming king and queen are seniors! Your senior homecoming game is so fun because you get to see your classmates named as king and queen. 

  • The Winter Semi-Formal

The winter semi-formal is similar to the homecoming dance, it’s a fun dance that all classes can attend with dates from west. West hires a professional DJ and everyone gets to dance the night away. There are snacks and refreshments as well. You get to dance around with all of your friends, even underclassmen.

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