April 1st 50 Years of West


Photo by Fleur Kelly

Old students reminiscing

Fleur Kelly, Staff Writer

On April 1st, the 50 Years of West festival was held at the West Brunswick High School from one to five. Many different classes, nonprofits, and other companies made the festival as fun as possible by setting up tables, games, and handing out candy. The school band, dance class, and show choir performed shows throughout the night to entertain the varying guests.

Despite the festival starting promptly at one, the band began to play different themes for the color guard to march to, and the dance team to dance at around 1:35 pm. Mr. Pascal came out to the podium to deliver a speech and the national anthem was played. As people clapped and sat down in the bleachers Mr. Pascal gave each decade the chance to cry out and celebrate themselves, to see which decade of students had the most support.

Once Mr. Pascal ended his introduction to the event, and people left the gym to enjoy the food and activities scattered around the hallways of the main building.

The show choir’s show started at 3:00 and ended at 3:10, a swift but beautiful performance that showed the talent of the entire cast. Just outside the football field, Dr. Mac was being dunked by current and past students alike. Mr. Paschal was not spared from the dunking either and was dunked a total of 9 times, the speakers advertising his misery to the entire school.

The last event of the night was generational trivia which started at 4:15 . Songs were played and five different generations of students would guess what year it was released.

The afternoon event was over and people slowly filtered out of the school, reminiscing about their old school and chatting with old friends. This event beautifully demonstrated the sense of community and home that West Brunswick High School creates, even fifty years later.