Second Semester Senior Bucket List

Second semester senior year is truly special, it's something everyone dreams about. You're only a handful of months away from graduating, which makes your time this semester all that more memorable. Second semester senior year is something to look forward to. Do you want to know what happens in the second semester? Well, here is your second-semester bucket list.

Apr 17, 2023

  • Basketball Season 

Basketball season starts off late in the first semester and goes into the second semester, and basketball season is always fun because we take our basketball rivalries very seriously. We battle the South Brunswick Cougars every year, once home and once away. These games are always fun because we back out the TROZONE and many kids travel to South Brunswick and pack out their gym as well. These games can get a little tense, but they are always so much fun, especially when we dress in pajamas to “sleep on South.” 

  • Sweets for Seniors 

Sweets for seniors is a newer tradition at West that began in 2020. The administration bought a bunch of candy to make a fun candy bar for only the seniors! During your lunch, you get to go up on the stage in the cafeteria and fill up a bag with your favorite candies. This is a privilege only the seniors get at west!

  • Senior Prank 

Every year, the seniors get together and throw a senior prank. This is a fun tradition for the seniors to celebrate graduation! Whether you saran wrap a car or put sticky notes all over Mr. Paschal’s car, you get to prank the school! You get to bond with your classmates while also getting to create a little fun chaos.

  • Senior Field Day

The senior field day will be during the school day on the football field. This will be a fun day, filled with games and activities only for the seniors. You get to relive your elementary school field days as a senior, and get to skip a little bit of class! This is definitely one event you do not want to miss. 

  • Senior Skip Day

Senior skip day (an unofficial tradition) is one of the most fun days of the year, the entire class skips school and heads to the beach! You get to skip class and enjoy a fun day with your peers at the beach, typically the Friday before prom!

  • Prom

Prom is something that everyone grows up dreaming about, especially your senior prom. You get dressed up in your dress or suit and take pictures with your friends, and then you get to dance the night away at the House of Blues. The school supplies snacks and drinks as well as a gift you get to take home with you. There is a photo op where you can take fun pictures with your friends that you’ll look back to for years to come.

  • Senior Walk

Every year all of the seniors get dressed up in their caps and gowns and get to walk through their elementary and middle schools. This is a cool experience because seniors get to walk through their old schools and see their old teachers. You get to walk the halls as a senior.

  • Last Day of School

The last day of school is a surreal experience: this will be the last time you get to walk the West Brunswick halls as a student. You’re finally done, and this is your last time getting to walk through this school with your classmates. This is something to look forward to.

  • Graduation 

You’re done! Woohoo! You get to walk across that stage and accept your high school diploma from Mr. Paschal. All of your hard work has finally paid off. You get recognized by your peers and family as a graduate, you are now well on your way to adulthood. Some fun parts of graduation are your graduation cords and recognizing your outside-of-school academic extracurricular activities! You’re done, you’re graduated, and now you get to look forward to the best summer of your life!

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